'The Chase' finally reveal new Chaser's nickname as he makes his debut on the popular show

The Chase has The Dark Destroyer, The Beast, The Governess, The Vixen, and The Sinnerman, and now a new Chaser has finally made his debut on the quiz show ...

Host Bradley Walsh introduced much-loved contestant Darragh Ennis as the latest edition to the show, bestowing his nickname upon him: The Menace.

Posting to social media, the popular game show shared a picture from Ennis' first-ever episode on the show.

Alongside the photo was the caption: "We are excited to formally introduce our BRAND NEW Chaser, @bonesgiles!

"Please give a big, warm welcome to Darragh "The Menace" Ennis."

The Irish star - who became a viral sensation when he appeared in the show in March 2017 - was announced as the sixth Chaser in April.

Darragh is the first new chaser to be appointed since Jenny Ryan joined the show in 2015, with a source telling the publication his signing is a "big deal."

Ennis said he is excited to join the show: "I'm so pleased to be the sixth Chaser. It's brilliant to be on such an amazing quiz team, and so much fun working with Bradley Walsh. It's such an exciting opportunity and I can't wait to take on more contestants!"

Walsh said: "Another Chaser? ANOTHER CHASER? That's another person cleverer than me on The Chase. I must have words with the producers. But I can't wait to educate Darragh on the important things in life; custard creams, cowboy films and real ale."

In his 2017 run on the show, he won £9000 ($18,000) for his team, but his teammates took minus offers, meaning he actually walked away with less. There was outcry on social media over his losses, and fans even started a GoFundMe page for him.

We can't wait to see him in action on New Zealand television screens.