The heartwarming moment The Wiggles help save Covid 19 patient with Down syndrome

A Melbourne ICU nurse tracked down The Wiggles and asked them to help him save the life of a Covid-19 patient with Down syndrome.

Sarah Kelly, who has Down syndrome, was in the intensive care unit with Covid-19, struggling to breathe.

However, The Wiggles' fan kept refusing to have oxygen tubes put in.

As her condition began to deteriorate rapidly, ICU nurse Steven Moylan, who had witnessed Kelly watching the group on her iPad regularly, took it upon himself to track them down and ask them for help.

"She had it on her iPad, she just wouldn't look away from The Wiggles and I thought to myself 'what if I could get The Wiggles to wear the nasal prongs? Would she copy them and do what they do?' " he told 9News.

Photo / 9 News

As soon as they received his request, the children's entertainers were ready to wiggle and recorded a special message for the patient.

In their recording, they convinced Sarah to wear the nasal prongs and take deep breaths.

"That's what we needed for her to stay alive," the nurse said.

After five weeks in hospital, including three weeks in a coma, Kelly is now on the road to recovery.

"I think it's been the highlight of my career," the ICU nurse said.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.