The hidden mould trap in your washing machine you're probably forgetting to clean

We all know our washing machines need a clean every now and then - but turns out there's one compartment we might be missing.

Caroline McCauley, from Perth, Australia, went viral with a video urging people to clean out the detergent drawer of their washing machine every three weeks to stop black mould from growing.

Black mould usually grows in warm, damp places where condensation is high - think bathrooms, sinks, microwaves, ovens, windows and blinds.

"Did you know your washing machine tray is probably mouldy? Remove and clean it every three weeks to prevent this from happening," McCauley said in the clip.

It's common knowledge that we need to clean the rubber seal on the washing machine and leave the door open to air it out regularly - but turns out not many of us know we need to be cleaning the detergent drawer.

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To remove the mould, McCauley took the drawer out first and sprayed the compartment with a homemade solution made of equal parts of water and vinegar, along with a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Wearing gloves, she then cleaned out the drawer itself with detergent and a sponge, then rinsing it under water.

She also used a toothbrush to clean out smaller, hard-to-reach areas on the drawer and inside the machine.

McCauley then wiped down everything with a microfibre cloth before putting it back in place.

How to remove mould from washing machine drawer:

1. Wearing gloves, remove the drawer from the washing machine

2. Spray the compartment with equal parts vinegar and water, with a few drops of lemon essential oil

3. Clean the detergent drawer with soap and a sponge, using a toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas

4. Use the same cleaning toothbrush to clean inside the compartment

5. Once clean, wipe down with a microfibre cloth and put the drawer back inside

The video has since been viewed 991,000 times on social media, with thousands of likes.

Hundreds of people tagged others in the comments to share the hack.

"My next job," one wrote, with another adding, "Love this so much."

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.