The internet blasts ridiculous peanut butter 'life hack'

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Monday, 9 October 2017, 10:30AM
Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

We all love a good life hack, but it seems this one has gone too far.

The Food Network released a "brilliant" peanut butter "hack you never knew you needed" to solve the ever annoying problem of ripped bread when making a sandwich.

However, the tutorial led by food blogger Bev Wiener has left many confused as to why it even exists.

The video - which has 8.8million views on Facebook - calls for "globbies" of peanut butter to be spread onto baking paper, frozen and cut up into peanut butter slices.

Facebook users were quick to point out how ridiculous and time-consuming the supposed 'hack' was.

"Because nothing is easier than spreading peanut butter on waxed paper, rolling it flat with a rolling pin, freezing it overnight, then cutting the frozen sheets of peanut butter into bread-sized squares and using them to make your honey and peanut butter sandwiches ... " one user wrote in the Facebook comments sarcastically.

"I can't be the only one that doesn't have this issue spreading peanut butter?" another user asked.

Another said: "What did I just watch? I add peanut butter directly to bread like a normal human, and I showed my kids how to do it so now they make their own sandwiches. Isn't that the goal?"

While one Facebook user suggested another way of solving the ripped bread problem: "If you rip your bread while spreading peanut butter, you might just try using less force instead of wasting parchment paper and freezer space."

Would you try this bizarre peanut butter 'life hack'? We think we'll just stick with the simple technique of using a butter knife to spread our peanut butter.