The internet is completely divided over this bizarre audio illusion

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 11:30AM
Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

A new audio illusion has popped up and it’s completely dividing the internet.

In a bizarre clip posted to Twitter, a spoken word plays on repeat and apparently, not everyone can agree on what that word is.

Some seem to hear “Yanny”, while others perceive it as “Laurel”.

Although no concrete answers have been given, a potential explanation for the “Yanny/”Laurel” debacle is that both words are being said at the same time and the volume frequency can change how the word is heard.

“I’m assuming they combined the high frequencies of ‘Yanny’ with the lower frequencies of ‘Laurel’ (with some overlap), and the two words are phonetically similar enough for this to work,” Reddit user Juuular surmised.

“However, your brain can’t handle both at once, so it picks at one and that is the version you hear.”

Either way, no one can seem to decide on which version of the word is right … How confusing!

What do you hear?