The ‘saddest’ baby names according to new research ...

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 2:06PM

Deciding on a name for your baby is never easy.

But if you want to avoid having a "sad" child, then you may want to check out the lists below.

According to research from psychologist, Dr David Holmes, the name you give your baby can have a lasting effect on their happiness - and it's largely thanks to the association that others make with the name.

For example, the name James may make them think of James Corden, someone who is seen as good-natured and happy.

Conversely, people can think Charlie's are miserable because of Charlie Brown from Peanuts.

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Dr Holmes, of Manchester Metropolitan University, claims that this association rubs off on the person with the name so their personality becomes shaped to fit it.

"The associations we have with certain names, particularly significant namesakes, also shapes how we see ourselves and so may have an effect on our confidence and assumed role in society," Dr Holmes said.

"Names are like product brands in having a powerful effect on attitudes and should, therefore, be chosen with care."

Dr Holmes has whittled down the top 10 names of saddest people for each gender...

'Saddest' boy names:

  1. Ben
  2. Andrew
  3. Edward
  4. Tim
  5. Owen
  6. Bob
  7. Dennis
  8. Ray
  9. Alfie
  10. Jeremy

'Saddest' girl names:

  1. Lynn
  2. Charlotte
  3. Tina
  4. Amy
  5. Tara
  6. Sam
  7. Alex
  8. Tanya
  9. Jessica
  10. Olivia