The shocking letter one teen found inside their Christmas advent calendar from Amazon

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 11:30AM
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A teenager found a "Help me" note inside her Amazon advent calendar delivery describing the staff as "evil", her mother has claimed.

April Dorsett, 13, was gifted a £30 make up advent calendar by her parents Kim and Philip who ordered it from Amazon.

They had arranged for the note on the invoice to say "love from mum and dad" but instead it read: "Help me please, PMP staff are evil".

Amazon uses recruitment agency PMP to fill jobs at its distributions sites around the UK, the Daily Mail reports. 

Her mother Kim, 32, confronted Amazon with a picture of the note on Facebook.

She posted: "My 13-year-old daughter received her advent calendar today from her dad. She was all excited to open it because it was addressed to her.

"She found this inside of her box and is worried Amazon are running sweatshops..... I've told her it's probably a prank but can you just confirm this amazon."

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Replying within an hour of her post yesterday an Amazon spokesman replied: "Oh no! I am so sorry your daughter received this note in her package, Kim.

"We'd like for our team to look into this for you. Please fill out this form at your earliest convenience. Thank you."

MailOnline has contacted Amazon and PMP for comment.

Ms Dorsett, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, told the Mirror: "My other half ordered the calendar as a present. He ordered a note in it saying 'love from mum and dad'.

"We asked April 'have you read the note?' and she said 'do you mean this one?'

"That's when we saw it. I thought 'this isn't right'.

"Then I thought it must be a prank and I was overreacting, but then people pointed out all the stories about Amazon lately."

She added: "This is quite worrying. It's the sort of thing you hear about happening in sweatshops in China."

Last week there were claims the online retailer's staff are falling asleep on their feet and being taken away in ambulances as they struggle to meet warehouse targets.

It has been reported staff have been offered cheap chocolates in response to claims about 55-hour working weeks.

A statement from PMP about the note given to the newspaper said: "PMP Recruitment employs over 100,000 people across a range of clients, many of whom have stayed with us for a number of years or return each year during our peak trading period, so we do not recognise the comment made as being an accurate or fair representation of the employee experience we provide.

"We provide various channels to raise concerns, including a confidential helpline, and have not received any complaints of this nature.

"We do, however, take such comments extremely seriously and will be investigating in conjunction with our client."

Cordant Group PLC, who own PMP recruitment, has a statement saying the company adheres to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 on its website homepage.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.