The way this woman announced her breakup is absolutely perfect

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Thursday, 16 November 2017, 7:00AM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter

Breakups can be hard, other times they can be hilarious.

One woman proved the latter after she dumped her date for supposedly calling her "disgusting".

Taking to social media, Miranda - who goes by the Twitter username @Mandy_Rose99 - shared the greatest dig at her ex, joking how she had "successfully dropped 200lbs (90kgs)" along with a before and after photo that cut cropped him out of the pic.

Other users on Twitter commended the blonde beauty for ditching the guy who disrespected her.

However, not everyone was on her side.

A few other users supposedly close to the situation inferred that Miranda's date had called her drunken behaviour "disgusting" rather than Miranda herself "disgusting".

Either way, it seems Miranda is happier without the extra weight.