These adorable spring-inspired baby names are perfect for September, October and November newborns

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Spring is in full swing!

It's that magical time of year when the temperature starts to get a little warmer, flowers sprout up out of the ground and all kinds of adorable baby animals are born.

For mums who are expecting their own little ones to arrive soon but haven’t decided on a name yet – we’ve uncovered with some perfect options for a spring baby, along with their meanings.

What better way to celebrate your newborn than with a moniker that reflects the season they arrived in?

Here are 30 of the best baby names inspired by spring:


Aviva – 'springlike, fresh, dewy'
Blossom – 'to bloom'
Chloe – 'young green shoot'
Deborah – 'bee'
Denver – 'green valley'
Emaline – 'peaceful home'
Kelby – 'place by the foundation or spring'
Nona – 'ninth' as in September the ninth month in the year
October – 'the month of October'
Primavera – 'spring'
Signe – 'new victory'
Tessie – 'gather'
Verde – 'green'
Wisteria – 'Wister's flower'
Zelenka – 'green, new, fresh, innocent'


Attwell – 'lives by the spring'
Berilo – 'beryl, pale green gemstone'
Bradwell – 'from the broad of spring'
Bud – 'a flower bud'
Canyon – 'cut by running water'
Cyan – 'greenish-blue colour'
Eden – 'delight, paradise' 
Haruki – 'spring child or springwood'
Jarek – 'spring'
Maxwell – 'Mack's spring'
Neville – 'new town'
Newland – 'new land'
Owen – 'lamb, youth'
Vasant – 'spring'
Xavier – 'new house or bright'