These are 20 of our favourite movies that turn 20 in 2020

We have finally reached the year 2020 – which means some of our favourite movies from 20 years ago are set to have an important anniversary.

These iconic early noughties flicks include some top-notch rom-coms, dramas, action thrillers and comedies that truly stole our hearts. You may even have bought a few of them on DVDs – back when renting DVDs was all the rage!

Who else is feeling just a little nostalgic?

Here are 20 of our favourite movies that turn 20 in the year 2020:

The Beach

First released on March 2, 2000

American Psycho

First released on April 14, 2000


First released on May 1, 2000

Me Myself and Irene

First released on June 23, 2000

Scary Movie

First released on July 7, 2000


First released on July 13, 2000

Coyote Ugly

First released on August 1, 2000

Bring It On

First released on August 25, 2000

Almost Famous

First released on September 15, 2000 

Billy Elliot

First released on September 29, 2000 

Meet the Parents

First released on October 6, 2000 

Pay It Forward 

First released on October 20, 2000 

Charlies Angels

First released on October 22, 2000 

Little Nicky

First released on November 10, 2000 

Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

First released on November 17, 2000 

Dude, Where's My Car

First released on December 15, 2000 

The Emperor's New Groove

First released on December 15, 2000 

What Women Want

First released on December 15, 2000 

Cast Away – December 22

First released on December 22, 2000 

Miss Congeniality 

First released on December 22, 2000