These are the 10 naughtiest dog breeds...

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Friday, 8 June 2018, 11:11AM

A recent survey, conducted on an array of dogs all over Britain, has shown what dogs are the naughtiest, and what name you should avoid giving your dog if you're wanting a nice one.

Apparently, dogs named 'Max' are the ones that cause the most mischief, and will find themselves in the dog-box more often than not for chewing shoes and causing general mayhem.

The breeds that are the naughtiest start with a humble Jack Russell.

Even though the cute little balls of energy look like they couldn't hurt a fly, four out of ten owners won't leave them alone in the house in fear of everything being chewed.

Labradors also feature on the list, for the same reason - their abundance of energy makes them a threat to everything in a house.

But before we name and shame every breed, here are some stats...

Last year, pet insurance companies paid out over $10 million NZD to owners in the UK alone for dogs that had swallowed foreign objects, and close to five million for pooches that had been poisoned after eating a forbidden item.


So without further ado, here are the ten naughtiest dog breeds:

  1. Jack Russell
  2. Labrador
  3. Cocker Spaniel
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Border Collie
  6. Golden Retriever
  7. Beagle
  8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  9. German Sheppard
  10. Yorkshire Terrier