These are the 20 baby names predicted to be incredibly popular in 2022

If you know someone who has a baby due this year and is in need of some name inspiration, we’re here to help.

While we’re only just kicking off 2022, the popular baby name website Nameberry has already calculated the trendiest baby names that are set to be popular over this year.

The list consists of sweet new twists on old classics and a couple of pop-culture tributes.

So without further ado, these are the baby names that are set to be popular in 2022!


  1. Maeve

  2. Luna

  3. Aurelia

  4. Ottilie

  5. Eloise

  6. Ophelia

  7. Isla

  8. Iris

  9. Freya

  10. Alice


  1. Arlo

  2. Theodore

  3. Soren

  4. Atticus

  5. Felix

  6. Milo

  7. Silas

  8. Kai

  9. Rowan

  10. Finn