These are the most niggly bills that Kiwis want paid for them the most!

We all have bills that we wish would just magically go away.

The Hits has been making those wishes become a reality for a bunch of lucky Kiwis with Live Free Bills Edition!

And it seems there are some common things that Kiwis want paid off the most!

The Hits has taken care of everything from rent and credit card bills, to the grocery list and more.

Some of the most niggly bills for Kiwis that keep pop up involve looking after kids, vet bills, new prescription glasses, or those unexpected trip to the dentist.

Also, anything to do with cars, from petrol to getting a rego or even new tires was a real pain point for a lot of Kiwis.

But the number one bill – which The Hits Live Free Bills Edition took care of – was power, phone and internet bills, taking up almost 30 per cent of all the bills paid so far! Wowza!

Now’s your last chance to get in the draw for Live Free Bills Edition – click here to find out more or text BILLS to 4487 and we could be calling you back at 8.30pm, 1pm and 4pm each weekday!