These hilarious cat snaps will be sure to make you giggle

They are known for being among the more refined members of the animal kingdom, but it seems that felines do have a cheeky side.

Cat owners have revealed the most amusing things they have caught their pets getting up to in a series of hilarious Snapchats shared on Imgur.

In some of the most entertaining images, kittens live up to their cunning reputation, with several owners comparing their pet's behaviour to a super villain.

Cats in costumes also prove to be of great amusement to their human companions - pictured variously in capes, bow ties and even a doctor's costume, much to the animal's disdain.

Fat felines also provide no end of entertainment, with owners capturing their chubby pets' lack of effort to shift the weight. 

Many of the photos capture the moggies' surprisingly human-esque expressions - from wide-eyed panic to sinister dirty looks ... 

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.