These images of the most irritating things will leave you infuriated!

We all have certain things that we find extremely annoying, however, these photos are things perfectionists are bound to find universally irritating.

Imgur user MixerOfMeows shared a gallery of images titles 'The Worst Things Ever' where he posted snaps of his biggest gripes.

Many of the photos proved that poorly designed packaging was more than some could bear with broken milk cartons and super sticky lids proving to be of annoyance, the reports.

Fellow Imgurs appeared to be in agreement of his run down with the post receiving more than 87,000 views and over a 1,000 'upvotes'.  

Elsewhere Redditors have also shared their nightmare snapshots with poorly fitted fixtures are enough to send you mad with an ill aligned drain and a tap that runs onto the floor proving infuriating. 

Whether you are a perfectionist or not you may just struggle to make it through this gallery. 

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.