These petrol life-hacks for conserving fuel will save you money!

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 12:56PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

We all know cars can often end up guzzling up, not just petrol, but the money in our bank accounts.

Thankfully there are some supreme life-hacks that will make that tank of gas stretch out a few more Ks.

It turns out that smaller cars don't always mean cheaper trips to the petrol station and the tactic putting your car in neutral whilst driving is a complete myth. What it comes down to is having better engine advancements, low resistance tyres, aerodynamics and of course efficient transmissions. 

So what can you do to conserve fuel and save those precious dollars?

These are the hacks that apparently do the trick:

1. Lightening the load of the car means less work for the engine, maybe think twice about chucking on the massive speakers that weigh a tonne.

2. Consider using premium gas as opposed to regular old 91.  High-quality petrol takes longer to burn, plus your car will love you for it!

3. Goes without saying, but driving slower helps, quick bursts of acceleration and unnecessary speeding definitely makes the car a lot hungrier.

4. Get your tyre pressure right, lower pressure means more work which equals more petrol.

5. Finally, although it might cost a bit at the time, keep the cars in top condition, saves you at the end.