An Australian artist is on a mission to collect 100 photographs of women in their underwear for a project that aims to promote body love and diversity.

Amy Herrmann became frustrated with the lack of diversity in media aimed towards women. She was particularly perturbed at advertisements selling underwear to women, prompting the project "Underneath we are ... women".

Herrmann, a visual artist from Adelaide, is asking ladies: Underneath it all, who are you? What word would you use to define yourself? She is sharing their images without airbrushing, celebrating the array of body diversity in the world.

"I wanted the images to have a familliar aesthetic (to what) ... we are seeing in glossy magazines and billboards but with one distinct difference - diversity of the body," Herrmann said.

"I want to show a hugely diverse range of women. I want to give people the opportunity to related with an image and to connect."

She said most women she has spoken to wanted to "feel something beyond self-loath".

"I want women to be able to take a look in the mirror and say 'that's me. This is me, at this stage in my life and at this point in my journey and that's okay'."

To find out more about the Underneath we are... Women campaign visit their website.

Source- NZ Herald