These stunning winter-inspired baby names are perfect for a frosty-season newborn

It's definitely starting to get colder around the country and that means June, July and August babies are set to have a frosty welcome into the world.

But along with the colder season comes absolutely stunning and unique winter baby names to match.

Here are 20 baby names for both boys and girls that are inspired by winter – perfect for anyone having a baby this July:


1. Alaska – "Great land", Alaska is a snowy, mountainous state in the US

2. Bianca – "White", as white as snow

3. Eira – Welsh name meaning "snow"

4. Nora – "Light"

5. Aster – "Star"

6. Iclyn – Meaning "Cold or icy"

7. Gwendolen – "White ring, circle"

8. Lumi – "Snow"

9. Lux – Latin for "light"

10. Niamh – Or Neve, is Irish Gaelic meaning "bright" and Italian for "snow"


1. Aspen – After the popular snowy location in Colorado's Rocky Mountains

2. Aubin – French for "white, blond"

3. Cole – After the fuel for warm toasty winter fires

4. Colden – "Dark valley"

5. Jack – Meaning "God is gracious" but popularly referring to Jack Frost

6. Kenyon – "White-haired or blond"

7. Olwen – "White footprint"

8. Whittaker – "From the white field"

9. Winter – after the coldest season

10. Quilo – From Roman mythology meaning the North Wind