This bizarre nail trend is taking over the internet

Having a manicure is always a treat - and likely to brighten up any day.

And now, these women have found a new way of showing off their immaculate nails - by perfectly coordinating them with an assortment of mundane household items.

The bizarre trend was sparked by Twitter user @alinamarie____, who showed off her pink nails while holding up a piece of ham in a hilarious snap.

Explaining the funny pictures, she simply wrote: 'So... I got a new set today and this was the outcome'.

Other social media users were quick to react - with a stream of other women posting their own funny pictures of their nails matching a whole host of unlikely objects.  

One can only assume that the next time they walk into the beauty salon, they're going to be very specific about the exact shade of varnish they want ...

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.