This brainteaser is baffling the Internet. How many triangles can you see?

Publish Date
Monday, 31 July 2017, 2:01PM

At first glance this brainteaser looks super simple.

But apparently it's not, because the internet is absolutely baffled as to what the answer is.

The drawing, which was created by Kumar Ankit on, asks users to count how many triangles there are.

Take a look - how many do you see?

Photo / Kumar Ankit

Since being shared thousands of time on Facebook, the answers guessed have ranged from 4 to 44.

But the correct answer is actually 25.

Ankit revealed there are 24 contained within the main triangle, as well as a sneaky one in the artist's signature.

Still having a hard time finding all the triangles?

Martin Silvertant, a mathematician, has created a handy diagram to help:

Photo / Martin Silvertant