This company will pay for you to visit them on New Zealand's Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island has the dream offer for anyone looking for a weekend trip away.

Like most tourism businesses reopening, Waiheke Island's zip line company is so keen for customers, so much so, that they are offering to pay the $42 return ferry trip if you book in for a zip tour!

How good is that?

EcoZip offers three zip lines along the course, all more than 200 metres, including a Vineyard Cruise, and one with epic views of the city.

You'll be picked up from Waiheke's main dock - after a 35- minute ferry trip from Auckland - then board a minibus for a little tour of the island.

After the tour, EcoZip will provide transport back to the ferry, or other establishments such as local wineries and restaurants.

The best part? Your return ticket lasts for up to a year, so you can make a weekend or week out of it!

You can book your trip for at $129 per adult - plus a free return ferry journey by using the code, FREE2020.