This dad's hilarious lunchbox fail is the sweetest thing you'll see today!

Publish Date
Monday, 19 June 2017, 4:00PM

This dad's fail might go down in history as the most genius lunch box hack of all time!

Mark Doyle went to the grocery store to replace his son's lunch box, but was put off by the prices and styles available.

At a loss of where to try next, he headed to a home improvement store and stumbled across a double-sided tool kit with adjustable segments.

"It's basically tupperware," Doyle explained.

The best part? It totalled just over $5!

Doyle was pretty proud of himself for his find — but his wife wasn't convinced at first...

Now, he's had over 200,000 people praising his idea. So much so Doyle plans on manufacturing his own kits for sale.