This genius hack will stop people from stealing your food

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Photo / Getty

We’ve all been there …

You make a delicious meal for yourself, pop it in the fridge at work and 2 seconds later it’s gone!

There’s nothing worse than your lunch being stolen, but thankfully there is a life hack doing the rounds online and we think it’s positively genius!

It’s simple … just get a ziplock bag to pop your tasty treats into, then colour the outside of the bag with a few green dots.

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It will definitely make people think there’s something nasty growing on your lunch and keep them far far away from touching it.

Problem solved!

However, while this amazing hack is both hilarious and ingenious – there is the small chance it could backfire and someone could throw your mouldy looking, non-mouldy sandwich in the trash.

But we still think it’s worth a crack!