This grandmother's amazingly simple life hack for folding fitted sheets has gone viral

An Australian grandmother has blown up the internet after going viral for sharing her unique hack for folding a fitted sheet.

The notoriously tricky item is extremely hard to fold into a neat square.

But in a post to TikTok, Amy videoed her mum using a game-changing technique to get the job done - and all you need is a clothesline or a piece of wire.

The handy grandma was able to fold the fitted sheet while it was still hanging on the line first, Amy's mum spread the fitted sheet out across one line of her clothesline.

She then folds each side of the sheet into one skinny line.

Afterwards, she carefully slides the sheet off the line while keeping the same shape.

Finally, she folds it over several times in her arms before leaving it in a small, neat square.

Her folding hack has amassed more than 4 million views with many describing it as "genius", a "game-changer" and "mind-blowing".

"This is the best tutorial on folding that sheet ever," said one.

Another added: "She cracked a code we didn't even know existed."

"Absolutely amazing! Folding is an art and your mum is amazingly gifted."

Others questioned whether it was the right way.

"So you don't roll it in a ball and hide it in a cupboard?" one joked.

"I gave up 50 years ago."

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.