This groomzilla's demands for his fiance's bridesmaids are outrageous!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 3:43PM

A groom has been absolutely slammed online after banning his fiance's best friend from being a bridesmaid at their wedding because "she is not attractive".

The bride, 32, was told by her 30-year-old partner that he does not want her friend "ruining our wedding photos".

The woman took to Reddit to share her story and commenters were outraged at her partner's behaviour.

Reddit user Cocolumpia0784 said: "Me and my fiance are starting to plan our wedding. It has been brought to my attention that he does not want my best friend to be in our wedding because she is not attractive.

"He says he doesn't want her ruining our wedding photos and only wants attractive people in our wedding party.

"I think that this is absurd. I don't care whether or not people in our wedding are attractive.

"I don't know how to handle this. Sadly I don't have many girlfriends to pick from so I'm at a loss. Please I'm looking for advice if any."

Reddit readers were completely shocked at the behaviour of the groom.

HmmVee said: "I really don't understand why people think that weddings are some sort of beauty pageant.

"The members in your wedding party should be close friends and people who've supported you through life, not a walk on collection of models from GQ or Cosmo."

Commenter crayondove added: "This isn't someone I'd want to get married to."

Poster notovertonight asked: "Does your fiancé not realize that although to him she may not be attractive, she is attractive to you because you love your best friend?

"A guy who can't realise this worries me."

Ungrateful_Daughter wrote: "Good luck with THAT marriage! What happens when you get older and "less attractive"? Or if you have kids and they 'ruin your figure?'"

Poster artist_and_scientist said: "If this happened to me, I would be so heartbroken."

Missus_Nicola said: "The only person you're going to regret having in your wedding photos is your fiancé."

MarriedChicksAreHot wrote: "Tell your fiancé that you pick who is on your side of the wedding party and you're not excluding your best friend because he's not attracted to her. You don't want to start your marriage like this.

EarlGreyhair added: "My advice is to reconsider marrying someone who is both painfully shallow and painfully stupid."