This has got to be the world's most perfect avocado

Publish Date
Thursday, 8 June 2017, 11:34AM

It's a favourite with millennials and you can see it in tens of thousands of glossy Instagram photos online where it's most often smashed on toast.

However, the one problem with the humble avocado is the large stone inside that is not only fiddly to remove but takes up a large proportion of the fruit, the Daily Mail reports.

For one Imgur user though, that wasn't a problem - as when they cut into the fruit, there was no seed to be found. 

The freaky image of the pit-less fruit has gone viral and has more than 41,000 hits on the picture-sharing website.

There is not even a mark to suggest that the fruit once had a pit, and where the seed usually is, there is just creamy pale green flesh.

The user, armenoid, posted the picture online with the caption: "Uh, our avocado is broken."

Dozens of people have now commented on the picture, saying the seedless avocado is a millennial's dream, and "the world's perfect" version of the fruit.

One imagined what it would be like if all avocados were pitless: "Think of how much more avocado and toast we would have!"

However, some claimed the image to be a fake, and that the fruit has been Photoshopped.

The user has denied the allegations in the comments though - and said when they opened the avocado, there was only a very small hollow pit underneath a tiny dark blemish one-half of the fruit.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.