This is where you can find New Zealand's very best toasted sandwich

Let's be honest ... there is nothing more delightful than a perfectly made golden and crunchy toastie.

But just where can you find the absolute best toasted sandwich in New Zealand?

In Hokitika, it turns out!

West Coast eatery Hokitika Sandwich Company has officially crowned the winner of the inaugural Great New Zealand Toastie Takeover competition, with their $10 "Detroit" creation.

Dreamed up by owner Joseph Walker, the winning combination consisted of corned beef, McClure's Sweet & Spicy Pickles, Havarti and cream cheeses, red onion, and Walker's own in-house sauce - all toasted on local bread.

From its humble home on the West Coast, "Detroit" beat out 50 entries from around the country and was praised by the judges for being "simple, unpretentious, yet bold."

Judge Joe McClure of McClure's Pickles in Detroit said: "Their choice of just a few exceptional ingredients was considered and carefully prepared and layered to deliver sensational flavour and a great mouthfeel.

"With buttery, velvety toast crunching into warm, flavoursome melted cheese, rich peppery meat and a generous layer of fresh pickles to refresh the pallet, this truly is the country's supreme cheese toastie."

More than 50 eateries entered the competition, with restaurants Culprit and Fed Deli taking out the Auckland top spots.

Culprit served up a "Luncheonette" sandwich made with macaroni, burnt end brisket and pickles, and Fed Deli designed a "Pastrami 'n' Swiss Melt" – a toasted hot dog bun with pastrami, Russian dressing, McClure's Pickle Spear and Swiss cheese.

Criteria for The Great New Zealand Toastie Takeover required sandwiches to be toasted between two slices of bread and able to be eaten by hand.

Other imaginative creations included wild duck, sautéed cauliflower, smoked kahawai, pastrami and brisket.

Crowned winner Walker got to take home a bespoke Toastie Takeover trophy as well as a year's worth of McClure's Pickles.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.