This Kiwi From The Melbourne Cup Is Now An International Celebrity

Kiwi Jade Jillings made headlines around the world when pictures of her shenanigans at Melbourne Cup Day went viral - so what does she have to say for herself?

Jillings, originally from Palmerston North, broke her silence to appear on Aussie TV programme The Project, alongside her house mate Tyler Johnson, who is also a Kiwi and was with her on that now infamous day.

Jillings, nicknamed the 'Lady In Blue' by multiple online publications, was asked by co-host Carrie Bickmore how she felt after seeing the snaps.

"To start off I was pretty embarrassed like everybody had sent it to me and, like, in the end, when nova rang I said, 'I've just got to laugh about it'".

The stable hand acknowledged that she's received some backlash from the photos but the bubbly blonde was holding her head high.

"We were just having a laugh. At the end of the day we were having a laugh. People were like, 'She not classy. That is embarrassing for Australia' but then some people were also like 'everybody does this and it is just the photographers took photos of them and, like, that's just the way it was'".

Tyler echoed her sentiments.

"You didn't cause any trouble. There was no trouble. We were having a good time. I feel like that's what racing is about. We didn't harm anyone," he said.

But most importantly the pair's mums were not angry by the photos, instead thanking their lucky stars there were no photographers around in their youth.