This life hack is apparently the best way to keep McDonald’s fries hot and crispy for longer

Here's how to ensure your Macca's fries stay hotter for longer. Photo / Nick Reed, NZH

Here's how to ensure your Macca's fries stay hotter for longer. Photo / Nick Reed, NZH

There’s nothing worse than getting a piping hot bag of McDonald’s at the drive-thru, only for the chips to get cold and soggy before you get home to enjoy them. 

Those of us who don’t immediately scoff down their Big Mac and fries in the car will be excited to learn there’s a way to keep them hotter for longer - with one Macca’s fan revealing the simple trick in a viral TikTok video. 

Social media user Tabby Louise revealed that all you need to do is cover the top of your fries with the paper napkins from McDonald’s to keep them warm, according to The Sun. 

She shared on her TikTok account, “McDonald’s hack! Put some tissue in the fries to keep them warm for take out. Keeps the heat in. Best trick I ever came up with. 

“I do it every time I go.” 

She showed the camera her McDonald’s order after receiving it, covered her fries and claimed her fries were “still warm” when she got home and ate them alongside a burger. 

Many set out to try the hack themselves and confirmed it’s the way to go - with one sharing, “I tried this once and it works! Thank you for reminding me to do it,” with others adding, “I’m trying this”, and “Good tip”. 

In 2020, McDonald’s revealed the correct way to utilise their packets of fries to use the ketchup - as it turns out, the box the fries come in actually has an in-built ketchup holder. 

The “Today Years old” Twitter account unveiled the hack, much to the surprise of most of its followers, who admitted they had never noticed that feature in the packaging. 

More than 1300 people have liked the post which revealed that you should flip the top of the box of fries to create a makeshift shelf for your sauce. 

“Did y’all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?” the Twitter account posted. 

“Learn something new everyday,” one person replied. 

“I am shook,” another one said. 

Not everyone is convinced that the flap is actually designed with that intention, with some Twitter users pointing out it looks to be made to work as a lid so you can close your box of fries - which presumably would also work to keep your fries hot. 

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission. 

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