This mother's clever trick to stop her baby crying isn't going down well with everyone

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Sunday, 7 January 2018, 1:44PM
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Photo / Getty Images

Ohhhh the joys of being a parent, that feeling of having your family, being proud, loving and watching your young one become a beautiful human being BUT those early years are a time of tests, so you can guarantee if parents can find some shortcuts, tricks and life hacks, they will cling to those FOR LIFE!

For example, this mother's tip for calming her crying baby in the middle of the night at first appears genius although some people have not taken too kindly to it. Laura Genson poster her ingenious idea on the community Facebook page The Motherload and most people are loving it!

To some this may not be a new idea and Gerson explains that some people have done it before her but she is leading a crusade, a movement that is going to allow parents to sleep at night. The post has seen a lot of positive reviews and praise:

"Genius! Wish I haf thought of that with my first...

it's no fun crawling around under a cot to find a lost dummy at 1am..2...2:30....3:15....3:20....4....5...

well you get the picture! This hack would have saved me hours of sleep"

Although not everyone is showing support:

"Or, you could never introduce the pacifier and not ever have this battle. Four kids, zero pacifier.

I hated the thought of giving them something unnecessary that I'd just have to take away later.

To each their own"

We think most would take the extra hour sleep!