This simple five-ingredient cheese puffs recipe will save your sanity during lockdown

This recipe saved may help save your sanity and keep the kids fed during the lockdown. These cheesy puffs take about 10 minutes to throw together and there is not a cheese-loving kid on the planet who can resist these. 

No eggs? Substituting one tablespoon of chia seeds, soaked in twice the amount of water, till they expand - a foolproof vegan egg substitute if you ever need one.

Simply mix the ingredients together for an effortless snack. Photo / NZHPhoto / NZH

You can get creative with these puffs if you like. Add some diced ham, sautéed red capsicum or even some jalapeños for a nice kick. If your kids are anything like mine though, it is best to keep it simple.

You can make smaller puffs if you like, using a smaller spoon. Photo / NZHPhoto / NZH

Warning: You may need to double this recipe as that is how fast these disappear, but try the proportions below to test out that theory in your own home.

These cheese puffs don't take long to cool, enjoy! Photo / NZH
Photo / NZH

Keep a really close eye on these while they are cooking. You don't want to overcook them as they will be dry. Once they start to look a little brown on top take them out and check them. If they are golden brown on the bottom, they are done, if not, pop them in for another minute or two. Allow them to cool completely before eating. Cool on a wire rack to avoid them sweating on the baking paper.

Depending on how generous your spoonfuls are, you should get 12-15 puffs out of this recipe.



• 1 cup plain flour

• 3 teaspoons baking powder

• 2 cups grated tasty cheddar cheese

• 1 egg, lightly beaten

• 1/2 cup of milk

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.