This simple wardrobe storage trick apparently triples space by using a can of Coke

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Photo / Getty

A handy storage hack, using only a can of Coke, has gone viral after promising to triple your wardrobe storage space in seconds.

TikTok use Holly Vlogs, who often shares fun hacks on her account @hollyvlogsofficial, shared a clip demonstrating how she executed the thrifty hack.

First Holly uses a broken off ring-pull from a discarded Coke can, then places the ring on the hook of a coat hanger, looping another hanger through the bottom hole of the Coke tab.

She also suggests that you don't have to just stop at one, as the ring-pulls can be stacked multiple times, allowing several items of clothing to sit flush together in your wardrobe.

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The handy clip has been viewed over 200,000 times, with TikTok users being blown away by the simple storage idea.

Several dubbed the hack as "genius" and "amazing", and more than 300 comments praised the TikToker for her ingenuity.

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One fan of her TikTok account said: "Pure genius that ... thank you"

And a second added: "Wow didn't know this. Great idea."

So if the lockdown has you considering a bit of a wardrobe clearout, perhaps this hack could help you live your best Marie Kondo life.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.