This 'surprisingly simple' laundry hack apparently cuts clothes drying time in half

Hate doing the laundry? You're not alone.

Unfortunately, it's one of those chores that seem to take forever!

But we have just discovered a simple hack that will apparently cut your drying time in half.

According to cleaning expert Shannon Lush, the secret to speeding things up is as simple as a tea towel!

Yep ... a dry tea towel.

Lush explains the tea towel will absorb extra moisture from your clothes and spreads the surface area for the dryer to do its work.

For this trick to actually work, you'll need to remove the dry towel after twenty minutes of drying or it will help contribute extra moisture, possibly even lengthening drying time.

So if you’d like to shorten your laundry time and reduce your electricity bill, give it a shot!