This unique Friends fan theory will blow your mind

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Thursday, 13 July 2017, 9:44AM
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What would have happened if Rachel Green hadn't run out on her fiance, Barry, on their wedding day? If she hadn't turned up at Central Perk in her large white dress to find her old friend Monica Geller, moved in with her, and joined her circle of pals?

The creators of Friends attempted to answer that with a pair of season six episodes called The One That Could Have Been, Parts 1 and 2 — but some fans now wonder if that wasn't the only alternate reality portrayed in the show, the Daily Mail reports.

A theory that has popped up on Twitter has some believing that all ten seasons of the show — from the time Rachel walks into Central Perk to when she gets off the plane for Ross in the finale — was just a dream.

A writer name, Ted Fox got the theories rolling on Twitter when he posted an image of the Friends Fourth Season DVD set.

On his version of the box, the six cast members are pictured lying together in a bed, cuddled up and sleeping.

That is, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross are sleeping. Rachel, however, is the only member of the cast to be pictured with her eyes open.

"Serious question: Why is Rachel the only one [with her eyes open]?" he asked. "Theories needed. #FriendsGate."

The internet was only too happy to help. Some joked that, with Chandler spooning her from behind, she may have felt something that surprised her into opening her eyes.

"She alone knows the truth. She has seen beyond the veil, and knows that there is no way she should be able to afford that apartment," joked another. 

One more pointed out that she also looks like she is naked and under the covers, unlike the rest of her clothed castmates — though a fuller-length photo shows that she is, in fact, clothed.

The theory that has gained the most traction, however, is that Rachel has is having a Dorothy-from-the-Wizard-of-Oz moment: She is actually dreaming up all the friends around her to cope with trauma.

"The whole show is actually Rachel's dream," one speculated. 

"Maybe the whole series was a fantasy of Rachel's that she dreamt up while the others were unaware (hence the closed eyes)," another offered.

An Irish man named Phil Dunne elaborated, explaining why it might make sense that all ten seasons of the show were just Rachel's dream.

"Here is my theory," he began. "Rachel Green had a dream on the eve of her wedding day, she didn't want to marry Barry so she had a major anxiety dream.

"She created a fantasy in her mind and the five other Friends characters as a way to escape her spoilt, trapped future life. And also the trauma of her getting married the next day.

"This cover is her partially waking up from that dream at 5am on the morning of her wedding day. The whole entire series was her anxiety dream."

Quite a few people were impressed by the idea, saying that is "actually makes sense".

Not everyone is swayed, though — and some put it quite bluntly that Rachel's eyes being open in the picture doesn't matter. 

"Serious answer: The fact that her eyes are open is just a moo point," said one Joey Tribiani fan.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.