This Wheel Of Fortune fail will make you laugh

Publish Date
Thursday, 23 March 2017, 11:48AM

We all make silly mistakes when we're under pressure, but this Wheel Of Fortune contestant has taken the cake.

With just one square to fill, Kevin was so close to hitting the jackpot. The player had already earned himself $1600 on the game and the last tile would have given him an extra $600.

He was left with: "A Streetcar Na_med Desire"

Unfortunately for Kevin his mind went straight to the gutter and he picked 'K' for his final letter. Apparently the hint 'TITLE' hadn't help him, because the name of Tennessee Williams' novel isn't "A Streetcar NAKED Desire" but is instead "A Streetcar NAMED Desire".

The next player, Lisa, guessed correctly with the letter 'M', winning the jackpot.

Better luck next time, Kevin.