This woman's bee-utiful maternity photo shoot has created quite the buzz

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Sunday, 3 September 2017, 11:28AM
Photo / Kendrah Damis Photography Facebook

Photo / Kendrah Damis Photography Facebook

Expecting mother for the fourth time Emily Mueller may have thought the traditional type of photo shoot was getting a tad old so the best way to get everyone buzzing about her latest birth was to try something a little bit risky.

With the help of photographer Kendrah Damis, the Ohio mother, who is also a bee keeper, decided that it was in her best interest to have hundreds of live bees cover her pregnant stomach in a beautiful photo shoot that has since divided the Internet a little bit.

It was through the photographers Facebook page that people started to share their opinion on the matter:

Whilst there were some who were truly confused with the concept of the photoshoot, others were extremely supportive and understood her story. Mueller has already experienced miscarriages and her connection with bees is on a symbolic and spiritual level.

That's certainly one way to get everyone buzzing about your maternity photos!