Tip Top has begun to swap out their plastic bread tags for recycle-friendly cardboard ones

This is the best news you'll hear all day. 

Tip Top will be swapping out the plastic bread tags for 100 per cent recycled cardboard ones and we are stoked. 

Launching in Australia this week (with an eventual move to come here), the new tags are part of Tip Top's aim to be 100 per cent recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. 

Each year almost 100 million plastic bread tags end up in landfills and waterways across the ditch, so we hope the change by Tip Top will encourage other companies to do the same. 

And for those asking whether you can still put bread in the freezer with the cardboard tags, yes you can! 

Told you, the best news ever. Plastic tags - Be gone!