Tip Top's classic 90s Kiwi ice cream Dessertalicious is back and we are here for it!

For years many Kiwis labelled it the "best ice cream ever". Now, after nearly a decade in the wilderness - it's finally back.

Tip Top has caved in to public demand by bringing back the iconic 90s ice cream Dessertalicious.

It's honey-comb ice cream, chocolate mousse and sponge filling was a favourite for many Kiwis. But it suddenly disappeared.

Kiwis took the announcement so personally that fans organised a campaign to bring it back.

In 2017, Tip Top teased us with an announcement writing: "The reason we haven't been able to bring it back to date is that we don't have the machine that makes this amazing creation anymore and it's quite a specific one.

"We want you to know though, that it is still very much in our thoughts and we are always looking at ways we can get around it and bring back this much-loved flavour."

Five years after that announcement, they delivered on their promise.

However, the iconic classic has undergone some minor changes, and won't be layered like the old school styled delicacy which had mousse at the top, ice cream in the middle and sponge at the bottom.

This time, the layers and flavours will be mixed together.

As part of Tip Top's Crave range, the 2022 reincarnation offers "all natural" ingredients - "remixed for today's tastes".

"We've said 'see ya later' to the fake flavours and have gone all natural with creamy honeycomb ice cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge pieces. Welcome back to the new-school Crave Dessertalicious!" the description reads on Tip Top's website.

Fans took to social media to go wild over the revelation.

"Six years of being on this page [Bring back Dessertalicious} has paid off, not the [original] but it will do," one said.

Another added: "Hell yeah!! 100%. Loved this icecream flavour. So will be buying this as soon as I know or see it at my local supermarket."

It's expected to hit shelves this week with some dairies already revealing they have some in stock.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.