Turns out we've been heating microwave popcorn wrong this whole time

Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

Honestly, who doesn’t love a cheeky bag of microwave popcorn?

They're perfect for at-home movie nights, and basically the best snack out - but it turns out we've been cooking microwave popcorn wrong this whole time ...

A mum has questioned a strange instruction she found on a packet of microwave popcorn, which proves we've been doing it wrong.

A photo of the packet and "Popping Hints" directions were posted to an Aldi Mums Facebook page, with the first step circled:

"For best results, preheat the microwave oven by heating a cup of water for one minute on high. Remove cup of water before popping corn."

People on the page had plenty to say, ranging from, "I never even knew there was such a thing as preheating a microwave oven?" to "yes and it actually works … All the kernels popped and the butter melted over all the popcorn."

Although the packet doesn't explain why you should preheat the microwave, the internet thinks that the water helps increase humidity in the microwave and makes the popcorn nice and fluffy!

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