TVNZ 'Breakfast' host Hayley Holt returns to TV after losing her baby with moving message

Hayley Holt is back on New Zealand screens this morning - and she says while she's been through a "horrible" experience she's in a "really good place" after losing her unborn baby during lockdown.

The 39-year-old TVNZ Breakfast host is back for the first time in months after her unborn baby died while she was isolating herself at home during the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak.

"I was really excited and could hardly sleep last night to come and be back with my whānau," Holt told New Zealand this morning, adding "Love you guys".

Holt had announced live on Breakfast in January that she was pregnant with her first child, telling viewers: "I'm so happy because I wanted this for a very, very, very long time and I thought my time was running out and it hasn't."

She had been staying at home during the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic but in May TVNZ announced on Twitter that Holt's baby boy had died.

He was due to be born in July.

"I've missed you all and I just wanted to say, especially to you [viewers] out there as well, that the messages of support that were sent in on Facebook, Instagram - I broke my rule and I read the comments - they were beautiful," she said this morning.

"I really really l appreciate all the stories that you shared, the messages of love.

"I've been through a horrible, horrible experience but the thing that I got out of it was the blessings. I was really made aware of my blessings and the love of my family and my mum and dad and everybody who supported us," she said.

She then added mischievously: "And I've got a boyfriend!" to her co-hosts' giggles.

Holt had explained to Woman's Day the "unconventional" way she got pregnant, very early in a new relationship.

The father was a "lovely man" who was just as excited as her and had been an amazing support, she said.

"We've made the conscious decision to focus on the baby first and see what comes later in terms of a relationship. I know it's not your traditional situation, but all that really matters is that we both love this baby and we trust each other."

"Josh and I have fallen in love," Holt told viewers this morning.

"I can actually promise you out there that there is truth in the saying that love conquers all. It really does.

"So I'm here, I'm in a really good place, I'm full of gratitude for all that I have."

Holt thanked her co-hosts, the Breakfast crew and everyone in the TVNZ building.

"It's actually been a really beautiful experience.

"As we're sure you can understand, this is difficult news to share and we're asking you to assist us in respecting Hayley's privacy both while she's at home and when she returns to Breakfast," TVNZ tweeted when Holt lost her baby.

"You've been part of this journey and we know you'll join all of us in the Breakfast family and the wider TVNZ team, in sending Hayley all your love and support.

"This is something which affects so many New Zealanders. If you need to talk about it, we can't recommend the teams at SANDS NZ or Baby Loss NZ highly enough."

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This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.