Upside down Christmas trees are the bizarre new trend to take over this festive season

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

As we settle into the month of November it's definitely time to start thinking about Christmas trees.

Designs and decorations are getting bigger and bolder with each passing year.

Now brace yourself as a bizarre new trend is taking off, reports The Sun.

People are going all out with their Christmas trees, from rainbow coloured artificial trees to Disney-themed decorations.

So if you really want to shake things up this Christmas you can now get an upside-down tree.

The surprising alternative is growing in popularity as people opt for more original designs.

People have begun sharing their upside-down creations on social media.

One person posted on Instagram saying: "Yes I know I'm one of those ppl but I already know Nov. and Dec. are going to be off the hook busy so I had to do it last week."

Another, who went for a Disney tree, posted: "Yes. It's up. It's upside down.

"It spins. And it plays music. I'm definitely not BASIC. I'm EXTRA. like guacamole."

Various companies are cashing in on the quirky trees, with items priced from $20 to $200.

The upside-down Christmas tree trend connects to a longstanding Eastern European tradition where an inverted spruce tree hung from the ceiling to represent the holy trinity.

If you find the upside-down Christmas tree too bizarre for your home, consider the fact it has the advantage of keeping curious creatures at bay and the added benefit of more space for all your relatives coming over Christmas Day.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.