Warning: Don't fall for this 'royal name' meme - it's a scam!

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Monday, 21 May 2018, 12:00PM
Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

It seems internet scammers have been trying to make the most of the royal wedding buzz.

Floating around on social media has been a seemingly innocent post to find out your ‘royal name’ but the answers could prove to be quite dangerous for your online security.

The post asks you to provide these answers:

  1. Your Grandparent’s name
  2. You childhood pet’s name
  3. The name of the street you grew up on

You then add Lord or Lady to the beginning of each answer to acquire your ‘royal name’.

However, these answers are actually what you would commonly put for security questions online and could allow scammers to crack your accounts.

People on Twitter have warned against falling for this trick, with one user posting that this “is quite literally asking for the most commonly selected online access/recovery Security Questions."

If you have given this information in the comments or shared this post make sure you delete it and keep yourself safe from scammers.