Watch Christina Aguilera belt out 'Reflection' from 'Mulan' more than 20 year on

More than 20 years after the original animated Mulan hit movie theatres, the new live-action remake is set to stream on Disney+ this week.

To help celebrate singer Christina Aguilera, who sang the Disney movie’s song Reflection for its soundtrack, has now re-recorded the track for the new movie - and wow, this new version is stunning!

The powerhouse performer belted out the song in a music video which shows clips from the highly anticipated movie, directed by Kiwi Niki Caro.

She also sang a medley of Reflection and Loyal Brave True.

Fans were thrilled that Christina reprised the song for the new movie, with many saying there’s no one else who could perform it better.

"Brings back the nostalgia of the original Disney cartoon! Christina's vocals still kill it then and now! It's like this song belongs to Christina Aguilera!" one fan wrote.

"I literally started crying and broke out in goosebumps," another added. "The evolution of the song from 1998 to today is remarkable."

Watch the original 1998 version of Reflection below:

Mulan is available on Disney+ to rent for $30 from September 4.