Watch the painful moment this women's eyebrows are ripped out by homemade Halloween mask

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017, 2:00PM

Halloween came early for one woman in Cincinnati, Ohio, when her home-made mask that she made for the holiday, ripped off her eyebrows. 

In a video that documents the entire saga from start to finish, the woman is seen attempting to remove the DIY mask, which closely resembles the face of the creepy scarecrow character from the Batman movies, and which appears to be glued onto her face, the Daily Mail reports.

After declaring to the camera that she has been "working so hard to get this off", the unnamed woman takes a deep breath, and immediately starts trying to pull at the sheet mask - letting out a wail of agony and frustration when it fails to budge. 

After a few moments, the woman realises that the mask is stuck to her eyebrows as she continues to pull to no avail. 

"Seriously this hurts so f*****g bad," the woman says as the video, filmed in July, does a close-up of her pealing eyebrows. 

However, it appears that she remains hopeful that some portion of her eyebrows will remain on her face as she details why she has to slowly pull off the mask and not rip it off.

Still sitting in her bathroom, the woman now resorts to pulling tiny pieces of the mask off on the side of her face, which seems to work. 

She then starts pulling from the bottom of the mask and it slowly starts to come off although the woman appears to still be in pain. 

After it's still not off, even after she tries to pull it slowly, the woman goes a different route and decides to rip it. 

She counts to three and pulls off the mask, which finally comes off after multiple failed attempts. 

But unfortunately, the woman's eyebrows weren't spared and fell victim to the Halloween mask. 

The woman then looks at her mask in despair as she realizes she lost all her eyebrows in the struggle with the mask. 

"Where did all my eyebrows go," she asks herself as she looks into the camera. 

Fortunately, she didn't seem too upset at the loss of her eyebrows and struck a pose with a smile as she held the camera to her face and said "Happy Halloween".

Warning: Video contains content that may disturb

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.