Watching Pink perform stunning new version of 'Greatest Showman' song for heartwarming cause

Once again Pink has melted our hearts with her stunning voice.

This time the singer unveiled a new version of A Million Dreams, from the musical The Greatest Showman, featuring the Ndlovu Youth Choir.

The song was performed for the UNICEF Changemaker 2020 benefit for children virtual even.

"It was an honour to collaborate with the Ndlovu Youth Choir on this new version of A Million Dreams," Pink said of the musical team-up. "Although we were thousands of miles apart due to the pandemic, we were connected by UNICEF’s lifesaving mission of putting children first. Join me in supporting UNICEF by donating to their lifesaving work around the world."

"To be separated by over 10,000 miles but still connected by music and our shared belief in the millions of dreams of children around the world was a true honour," Pink added on Instagram.

We love it!

In 2018, Pink and her then 7-year-old daughter performed the spectacular.

In a heartfelt video, the pair hit the studio together to record the song for the hit movie’s Reimagined soundtrack.

Willow’s voice was just the sweetest!

"I grew up listening to Annie and no one has done this for me, for my heart since I was a little girl," Pink explains in the clip. "And to have her finally have something like this ...You made our favourite movie ever."

After Willow sings her part, Pink congratulates her with a thumbs up.

"I think you’re fun," The Grammy winner artists tells her little girl. "I’m glad I had you."

On Twitter Pink revealed that A Million Dreams was her and Willow’s "all-time favourite song".

It is definitely ours too!