What is your most annoying personality trait based on your zodiac?

Publish Date
Friday, 14 July 2017, 3:19PM

Although we might not like to admit it, we all have aspects of our personalities that could be seen as annoying in some way or another.

So what is your zodiac's "annoying" personality trait? Find out here...

  • Aries
    You easily lose it!  You hate to be told what to do, and will fight anyone who dares to  try.
  • Taurus
    So stubborn.  You tend to be a homebody.  Sometimes when you don’t feel up to doing much, it can also translate into a stubborn streak that is an absolute pain in the butt to deal with!
  • Gemini
    You are so flaky.  You get a lot of flack for being of two minds at all times, since you’re the sign of the twins, but it is totally warranted! You regularly cancel on your friends and no one ever trusts you to be at an event – even if you’ve promised – because you’re so flighty.
  • Cancer
    You are so worried all the time.  Sometimes you are just a drag to be around. Your shy nature means that you don’t like to put yourself out there or try new things, because you’re worried about how you might appear to other people – even strangers you’re not likely to ever see again!
  • Leo
    You constantly need to be praised.  Leos are known for loving luxury, but they also love the spotlight. Combining those two strong desires makes for a sign that is constantly fishing for compliments -– but will never admit to it.
  • Virgo
    You can’t take criticism.  Not only are you concerned about things being perfect for yourself, you can’t take criticism and tend to judge yourself pretty harshly, but you’re none too kind to others in this regard either.
  • Libra
    You tend to be hypocritical. Libra is the sign of the scales, which means that you like to keep everything balanced and in harmony with one another. You’re always so intent on keeping the peace that you tend to be hypocritical, for fear of causing offence.
  • Scorpio
    You hate showing any weakness.  Yours is a passionate sign that likes to manipulate others, even if it means that they’re considered petty. You hate to show any weakness, and will go out of their your to pick apart those you know in order to keep the upper hand.
  • Sagittarius
    You don’t know when to zip it.  You are always on the cusp of the Next Big Thing, and you won’t shut up about it! You love to be the one to tell others when you discovered something first.  Basically, you seek attention, and it’s ridiculously transparent.
  • Capricorn
    You’re pretty ruthless.  You want to be the best of the best and have the best of the best, and so you work hard to achieve it. This sounds pretty respectable, except for the fact that when a Capricorn “makes it”, they won’t hesitate to rub it in your face.
  • Aquarius
    You try too hard.  Aquarians are known for being more eccentric than some of the other signs, with a flair for the creative. With that being said, this sign is also known for trying too hard to be weird, and it just comes across as fake.
  • Pisces
    You often get lost in thoughts and daydreams.  You are very sensitive at all times. And you wear your emotions on your sleeve, so no one has any clue what will set you off.