Whittaker's unveil brand new limited-edition flavour and it’s making us feel super nostalgic

Whittaker's is bringing out a brand new flavour and it’s making us feel super nostalgic.

The New Zealand chocolate company is reimagining a classic Kiwi treat – Honey Bubble Crunch - and it sounds absolutely delicious.

The limited-edition flavour is packed full of crispy puffed rice pieces, and scrummy honey nougat, wrapped up inside Whitaker’s tasty White Chocolate, making it taste exactly like a honey rice bubble slice.

Umm … YUM!

"As a proud New Zealand company, we love creating flavours that Kiwis can relate to, and for many New Zealanders, the slice that inspired the product is a nostalgic childhood treat," says Holly Whittaker, Whittaker’s Marketing Manager.

Whittaker’s Honey Bubble Crunch chocolate will be hitting shelves from August 19 and will be available while stocks last.

So make sure you get your hand on a few blocks before they run out!