Woman gets her 13kg breast implants removed after they could have killed her

WARNING: Graphic Images

A woman appearing on reality TV show 'Botched' has had her breast implants removed after one of them ruptured.

Dee had the double-lumen implants put in around 20 years ago. The internal lumen is made up of silicone and the external lumen is filled with saline.

In the episode, called ‘Attack of the 3,000cc implants’ (of course), Dee shows doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow how the saline section in the left breast implant has ruptured and deflated, while the other breast is painfully engorged.

‘I kid you not, if we tackle this one, this is the most challenging, high-risk patient in my career,’ Dr Dubrow says in a clip.

'It is days until this turns into an enormous, major medical emergency for her,' he told Dr Nassif. 'The whole breast is going to die.'

He goes on to describe her bust as a ‘screaming, complaining breast’ on the right side and a deflated ‘disaster’ on the other.

After Dee explains how she went for the giant implants when she a dancer ‘because bigger is better in this business, Dr Dubrow says: ‘It is insane to think that any plastic surgeon would even consider Dee’s breasts to this level.’

He adds: ‘The human body is not even equipped to handle this kind of volume expansion in breast tissue.’