Woman reveals bizarre reason why she was named after dad's mistress

When a new baby arrives, the little blessing is often gifted with a family name.

The heartfelt gesture reaches a hand across generations. It is whanaungatanga, a connection forged in love and blood.

Not in this case.

A woman from the United States has gone viral after revealing how her name will forever be linked to her "selfish" father's philandering.

TikTok user Keeping It Kristina shared the tawdry tale on the popular video app.

She explained how her parents had made a deal before her birth. If they had a boy, her mother could name him after her father - but if it was a girl the partner could choose a name.

When she arrived via C-section, Kristina's father filled in the paperwork while his partner was recovering from surgery.

"Skip forward to the day that I was born my mum wound up having to have a c-section because my big a** head wouldn't fit through the birth canal," Kristina revealed.

It was then that her father put his devious plan into action.

"She was super drugged up after that and my dad filled out all of my paperwork and at last he chose to name me Kristina."

All was well for the young family in the months after Kristina's birth, until the father's misdeeds caught up with him.

He had been having an affair the whole time - with a woman named Kristina.

He had chosen the baby name so he had a quick cover if he ever accidentally said her name.

Thousands of comments flooded in after Kristina's revelation, most taking aim squarely at her father,

"Soooo... that was pretty selfish," one person said.

Others said they would have changed their child's name if their partner had made that choice, while some shared similar stories.

"My dad named me after a girl he had a crush on in middle school," one person recalled.

"When my mum found out she stabbed him with a fork."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.