Woman shares 'foolproof' hack for finding the perfect pair of jeans

Trying on clothes in changing rooms can be a marathon - and jeans are the most time-consuming by far.

Whether they're too short, too tight, or too baggy, it's a familiar struggle - but one TikTok user has shared her secret to finding the perfect pair every time without needing to try them on.

According to The Sun, social media star Billie Newland posted a video to her TikTok channel claiming she's figured out a "foolproof" way to find the perfect fit without having to try jeans on first.

She claims you can find the right waist size by measuring the waistband of the jeans against your forearm.

"Choose a pair of jeans and stick your arm inside the waistband. If there's a large gap between your elbow, your hand and the end of your jeans then they're too big.

"On the flip side, if your [forearm] doesn't fit inside the waistband then they're too small."

If you can fit your forearm and hand inside the waistband and it's "completely snug", then those are your "perfect pair".

And in another video, she shared how she found the right length of jeans by measuring them against her arms.

"Grab a pair of jeans and stretch them across your wingspan. If you stretch them out and they go past your fingertips then it's gonna be too long.

"If you pick up a pair and [have to bend your elbow] then they're too short."

The videos have clocked up over 300,000 views, but not everyone is convinced the hack will work for them.

"But what if you have a tummy??" one user commented on the clip.

"What if you had a hamburger before going in the shop?" another joked.

Others said their bodies were "too disproportionate" for the hack.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished with permission.